880 Rear Wheel HP Dodge Demon Dyno Testing

When it comes to the manufacturers that have made a lot of noise, you can look for ...

When it comes to the manufacturers that have made a lot of noise, you can look for Dodge as one that really has cranked up the volume in recent years, coming out with a whole collection of new vehicles that most would agree are pretty darn impressive when you look at it objectively. On paper, these machines look incredibly good and when it comes to practice, the Hellcat platform has proven that it can easily make good power and put it down to the ground. Now, it’s time for big brother to step in!

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With such a high bar that’s set, it really leads you to wonder how exactly the next step up from the Hellcat platform is going to do. After all, the Dodge Demon had a team that did a really big hype job of building up all of this car is going to be capable of with the package that boasts being illegal under NHRA rules. This time, you get the opportunity to follow along to see exactly how it will translate into the real world as this Mopar machine is slapped on the rollers and really roars to life to show off exactly how much power it’s capable of.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to check out the action as the car really comes to life, absolutely making that supercharger scream as the person behind the wheel lays into it and makes some serious numbers that help the Demon to live up to those high expectations. We would recommend cranking up the volume on this video brought to us by Hennessey Performance because the sounds coming from this thing are absolutely diabolical. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to run into a Demon like this in a dark alley, that’s for sure!

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