Dodge Challenger vs Man on a Jet Pack! Crazy Race!

When you think about all of the things that you pictured being part of the future a ...

When you think about all of the things that you pictured being part of the future a decade or so ago, would the current view of today be what you have expected it to be back then? There are certainly things that have unfolded in the present that nobody would’ve ever expected but when it comes to the future that revolves around jet packs and rocket ships, maybe that’s a little bit closer to what was going on in that vision all those years ago. In this one, we get to see a real-life jet pack as this human being is able to fly freely.

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Now, we’ve seen things like this before as men wielding jet packs have blasted through the skies with fighter jets. However, this time, we check out a scene that’s just a little bit different as this flying man heads out to the drag strip. Yes, this is just as interesting as it sounds when the flying man goes head-to-head with a Dodge Challenger. When this was the first thing that I saw when I hopped on the Internet this morning, I wasn’t sure if I needed to shake myself a little bit to make sure that I was awake or not. Sure enough, it’s reality!

Check out the video below as a Dodge Challenger takes on an opponent unlike any other that a Challenger has seen before. After watching the Mopar take on the jet pack man in an all-out battle, be sure to tell us what you think of this unique mix of competitors as they square off against one another. With a display like this, it really leads you to wonder exactly what kind of amazing advancements we’re going to see next. You never really know what tomorrow is going to hold after watching a man strapped to a jet pack squaring off with someone behind the wheel of a muscle car.

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Posted by Bandimere Speedway on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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