Drunk Driver With Toddler in Car Hits Roundabout and Goes Flying! Both Survive!

Drunk driving is one of those things that is sincerely inexcusable. There really ...

Drunk driving is one of those things that is sincerely inexcusable. There really isn’t any situation where getting drunk and getting behind the wheel is alright. I don’t care who you are what you’ve been through, this should really never be an option for anyone.

Perhaps, the only thing that would be more heinous than getting behind the wheel drunk would be getting behind the wheel drunk when you have a toddler on board, riding along with you. That appears to be the situation here as the video description tells us that this driver has a 20-month-old on board and what happened next is a little bit hard stomach.

From the dashcam of another vehicle, we watch the speeding car sliding through the streets and making it evasive maneuvers, when all of a sudden, a roundabout sneaks up on the driver and she has no choice but to hit it, being launched into the air in a situation that doesn’t look like anyone would be able to make it out of alive.

However, we are told that both the driver, Tania Chikwature, and the 19-month-old toddler alike were able to make it out on the other side with their lives and miraculously, no serious injuries. News reports say that the mother admitted that she had “probably been drinking vodka” before the incident all took place.

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