Motorcycle Rider Not Paying Attention Crashes, Lands on Truck

With the help of dash cams, sometimes,  you simply can’t help but look at the ...

With the help of dash cams, sometimes,  you simply can’t help but look at the scenario and scratch your head, wondering what happened as these cameras manage to catch some truly once-in-a-lifetime situations as they unfold in their natural habitat.

This time, we’re able to follow along with a motorcycle rider in traffic who ends up getting jammed in a situation that he probably never saw coming. I’m not sure if you consider him incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky but the result of his lack of attentiveness leaves him in quite the situation.

We watch as the rider continues down the road, following a flatbed truck, when all of a sudden, the truck suddenly stops and the rider does not. As a result, we watch as both bike and rider as they get flung up into the air and come down in the bed of the truck.

Check out the video below that shows the scenario unfolding in front of our eyes that will most definitely teach this rider to do a couple of things including not following so closely and paying a little bit closer attention to the road next time. At least this guy has a story to go home with now!

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