New Electromagnetic Catapult System on the USS Gerald Ford is Powerful

In today’s dose of American Awesomeness, we have some up-close footage of the ...

In today’s dose of American Awesomeness, we have some up-close footage of the new electromagnetic catapult system aboard the USS Gerald Ford.

Used to slingshot our finest pilots and their aircraft up to speed and into the air off the end of the massive vessel, the new magnetic catapult does the job formerly handled by an antiquated steam-powered system. The new design will consist of fewer moving parts, which should make for quicker repairs in the event of a problem, while offering the same, if not more, power to push the jets into the air. To test the system, the catapult is hooked to some weighted vehicles that look like small cars and trucks, which are fired off the end of the ship into the water below in spectacular fashion.

An officer from the ship, Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Litzenberger, put together this awesome footage from onboard the Gerald Ford, as well as from the water below as we see the test vehicles hit the water and throw up some massive splashes.

Navy Tests Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System

The U.S. Navy tests their Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System aboard the USS Gerald Ford by catapulting vehicles into the water

Posted by United States of Awesome on Monday, February 6, 2017

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