Radical ProCharged Grudge Car Piloted Completely by Hand Controls!

One of the most beautiful things about the world of racing is that there are so many ...

One of the most beautiful things about the world of racing is that there are so many different stories to be told and parts of those stories can be told through the builds themselves. Just by looking at a car, you can’t really begin to grasp all of the hard hours of preparation that have gone into making it something to be admired but chatting with the owner can really give you some insight on what someone has tackled to make a goal come to life.

This time, we check out a machine that really shows how looks can be deceiving. Outside, we get the look of a clean grudge car, a Pontiac Trans Am sitting on a wheel and tire setup that makes a statement, telling all onlookers that the car is ready to go to war. However, a closer look at the story behind this thing throws a slight plot twist into what this car is all about.

Now normally, a Pontiac boasting a 428 ci Butler engine and a serious ProCharger with the F1-R Would be a stout machine to admire but when you see what’s going on inside, You might find that you’ll appreciate the effort that has gone into this car even further as hand controls lie within to help the driver maneuver the machine without the use of his legs.

This is really a motivational story that goes to show you that even when obstacles sit in your path that might seem like they are too big to overcome, with the heart, effort, and the right set of people backing you up, you can really overcome just about anything! In a world full of what seems to be negative posts everywhere that you go, this is really an uplifting situation that we hope can provide you with a little bit of motivation today!

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