This Unmarked Cop Car Makes Speeding Anywhere Seem Like a Bad Idea

We have all been there, running late for a meeting, wanting to get to the store ...

We have all been there, running late for a meeting, wanting to get to the store before it closes, or just being generally impatient with life and maybe going a little bit faster on the highway than we should have. It might seem safe at the time but the police still have the job of enforcing the speed limit no matter what your excuse.

While some of the cruisers are marked with bright colors and state’s seal, others are obviously patrolling the streets without any markings at all. These unmarked police cruisers have the tendency to blend right in with the rest of traffic, making slamming on the brakes like we know you were about to almost impossible to do in time to save yourself from a speeding ticket.

This time, we check out an unmarked police cruiser that is a little bit more obscure than the other ones that we have seen floating around. While normally an unmarked car will stay in the realm of Ford Crown Victoria, Dodge Charger, or perhaps even a Chevrolet Tahoe depending on what state you live in, this time, a Dodge Challenger is thrown into the mix making it even more unsuspecting.

Take a look at the video below as a motorist who is none the wiser to the unmarked car blasts right on by the officer who honestly doesn’t even look like one at all until his lights are blaring and tell us what you think of the concept of trying to sneakily disguise police to blend in with every other traveler.

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