150 Classics Cars Destroyed After Huge Fire at Country Classic Cars

When you speak to someone who has a little bit of wisdom and they begin to tell you ...

When you speak to someone who has a little bit of wisdom and they begin to tell you to appreciate what you’ve got because it could be here today and gone tomorrow, maybe you should listen to them. This scenario shows you the perfect example of just how quickly something can be here and disappear overnight. This time, the culprit of the destruction was a fire that would wipe out more than 150 classic machines in the blink of an eye, leaving enthusiasts and owners alike to be distraught by the destruction that this fire left in its wake, leaving behind burnt carcasses of what once were great machines.

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The fire started in one building and spread to five. In the main building alone, 150 vehicles were housed, 5% of which were on consignment at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL and all of which were destroyed, almost beyond recognition.

Drone footage shows the remains of the nearly countless amount of cars that were exposed to the fire as 100 firefighters from 13 departments attempted to put the blaze out with no help from hydrants as the water was delivered to the scene. Unfortunately, not much could be saved but in the aftermath, the owner of Country Classic Cars is finding out just how many friends that he really has as they’ve stepped up to help him through the hard time.

The video below shows what was left behind and gives you a little bit more of a detailed story on the blaze that forced its way through the classic car collection. A video like this almost makes you take a different look at things and appreciate what it is that you’ve got. Next time that you’re behind the wheel of your favorite machine, maybe you can picture this situation and be just a little bit more thankful that you haven’t been tangled up in something like that. We wish all of those involved in this horrific accident all of the best in picking up the pieces and getting back to life as usual.

Surveying the damage at Country Classic Cars after massive fire

Posted by Fox2Now on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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