3/4 Ton Truck Moving a Mobile Home Like a Boss!

When it comes to purchasing a truck, one of the foremost factors that many people ...

When it comes to purchasing a truck, one of the foremost factors that many people look at is the utility that said truck provides. This time, we check out a heavy old school Chevrolet as this pickup truck really goes above and beyond to show off exactly what one of these things is capable of. Just when you took one look at this thing and wrote it off as being nothing more than an old clunker, the machine really rolled up its sleeves and got down to business, strapping up to a mobile home and using all of its might to transfer the home to another location. It really looks like the truck bit off more than it could chew here, but that wouldn’t stop the operator from trying it out anyway!

You really have to feel for that poor rear suspension is as compressed as much as it possibly could, upping the tongue¬†weight¬†here to more than this truck or any other like it has probably ever safely seen! The entire time, as the show is in motion, you really can’t help but cringe on the inside, hoping that nothing goes wrong but really expecting some hell to be unleashed at any moment when one of these components really lets loose and something ends up coming down the ground hard. Thankfully, that never happens, though as this truck proves to be a trooper, no matter how old it is.

Check out the video below that really puts this three-quarter ton truck to work, showing off by driving in a way that you might not expect. Can you think of a situation that had even more of a burden being put on a big old pickup truck like this? I couldn’t possibly imagine that this thing would be able to handle much more as it really looks like it’s at its ultimate tipping point when it tries to move someone’s home!

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