$50,000 8-Second GT-R Street Race Goes Wrong

As we have seen in street racing, arguing is a big part of the game, especially when ...

As we have seen in street racing, arguing is a big part of the game, especially when money is on the line. The bigger the pot, the more folks will have to go back and forth about and this time, with $50,000 up for grabs, you know that someone is going to say something when you jump the light.

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Now, normally, when you jump the light, if the other person chases, the race is on, no matter what. The result of the two going head to head will stand and even if the winner was the one that jumped, they’re taking home the pot. However, sources on the scene tell us that the stipulations stated here that a jump would go down as a loss.

With enough money on the line to pay someone’s salary for a year, this kind of situation is going to bring up some back and forth and that’s exactly what happened afterward. It was ruled that because the flagger wasn’t neutral, it overrules the “jump you lose” rule. That sounds like a good old fashioned hustle in the streets if you ask us!

Check out the video below, featuring a couple of stellar examples of the Nissan GT-R going toe to toe in a situation that ends up looking a lot like the confusing flagger light situation that we saw go down a month or so back but this time the pot is much higher. It kind of looks to us like the guy in the right lane might have jumped off of that cell phone light to the right!

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