’67 Corvette Gets First Wash in 30+ Years

As gearheads, we can really be in a position where we just want to save every car. ...

As gearheads, we can really be in a position where we just want to save every car. When we watch barn find videos, we can’t help but want to bring home some of these projects. In reality, many of them are simply too far going to justify saving. However, others might be in such a condition where they can be brought back to life once again.

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This time, we dive into a video brought to us by YouTube automotive detailing expert, AMMO NYC. In the video, we find a collection of cars that the YouTube user has stumbled upon, all sitting in a massive warehouse for quite some time.

While some of the cars are a little bit more common, others really draw us in and have us curious about the story behind them. It really just goes to show that over the years, no matter how valuable a car is, it can be left behind. Sometimes, life really doesn’t care about the rarity or value of any car.

In this one, we get to check out another piece of the massive collection that AMMO has stumbled upon. Given that these cars were kept inside, it looks like a great deal of them just need a little bit of love to be brought back. They’re in much better condition than other finds that might’ve been left out in the weather.

Below, we tune into an episode of “Drive and Protect” that that goes over the story of a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427. Apparently, the car hasn’t moved in 30 years or more. However, that doesn’t stop this detailing guru from going over the machine from top to bottom and seeing what it’s all about beneath the dirt.

He even brings a little bit of shine to the old classic. It’s amazing what some TLC and some trick detailing procedures can accomplish.

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