Alex Laughlins 3 Second 200+MPH Screw Blown Corvette!

Alex Laughlin made the leap from his naturally aspirated 6.5-second, 210+ MPH NHRA ...

Alex Laughlin made the leap from his naturally aspirated 6.5-second, 210+ MPH NHRA Pro Stock car to this wicked blown Radial vs the World Corvette for last month’s Lights Out 9 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The C6 Corvette is a totally different machine than his 2017 Camaro Pro Stocker, not only in looks but underneath the body as well.

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While the Pro Stock Camaro relies on nothing but the atmosphere to feed air into the engine, the Corvette has a massive screw blower bolted atop to cram the engine full of air. The Camaro rides on massive slicks out back while the C6 has only a 315 Mickey Thompson drag radial to apply the estimated 4,000 horsepower to the track. As you might imagine, more power on a smaller tire makes for a wilder ride, and Alex had a heck of a time wheeling the ‘Vette, which did manage to stay pretty well hooked up all weekend long.

On this particular pass, caught by the talented and always-reliable Hans Pierre Jr from Free Life Films, Alex laid down his best pass of the weekend. With legendary door slammer racer and tuner Frankie “Madman” Taylor alongside with Alex’s dad Kenneth helping tune the Corvette, the car has more than enough power to run up front in the toughest class in small tire racing, but the tune-up has to be just right or those small tires won’t be able to hold the power. Radials aren’t like slicks that slip and still run quick. Radials are either on or off and there’s no grey area there.

Laughlin lays down a stout 3.86 elapsed time at 202 MPH. To put that in perspective, his Pro Stock car runs about 4.25 to the 1/8th mile, and only runs about 10 MPH faster the quarter than the Corvette does in the 1/8th. That takes a TON more power, ladies and gentlemen! Look for Laughlin and crew to be back at SGMP next weekend to take his shot at the $101,000 payday at Duck X Productions’ Sweet Sixteen!

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