American Pickers Revive a 1911 Harley-Davidson

What comes to reality shows, there is definitely a lot of junk out there. Among the ...

What comes to reality shows, there is definitely a lot of junk out there. Among the few that are enjoyable and entertaining, though, we find American Pickers. Sure, I love to find a guilty pleasure in a couple of garbage reality shows here and there. However, there aren’t many where I actually find myself learning anything. When it comes to American Pickers, though, we get entertained as they travel the country to find relics. At the same time, we might be able to pick up some useful tidbits of information here and there.

This time, we go beyond the find a little bit. Sure, when the guys come up with a valuable antique, it is quite the adrenaline rush. However, that isn’t where things end. Instead, the crew needs to take it back to the shop and figure out how to sell it or fix it. As it turns out, not everything that they have picked is immediately ready to go up for sale. Some of the items might require a little bit of tender loving care. That was certainly the case with a 1911 Harley-Davidson that the guys stumbled upon.

One of the challenging things about rebuilding a bike that’s over 100 years old is finding parts. As one might imagine, there aren’t exactly parts stores selling components for a motorcycle this old. Therefore, it turns out that these guys have to either pay top dollar retail for the components they need or go pick and find parts on their own.

Down in the video below, we ride along as we find some of the key components for the 1911 Harley-Davidson. It’s incredible the amount of knowledge and effort that needs to go into rebuilding a platform like this. Watching it come together in front of our eyes is basically like art in the making!

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