Angry Farmer in a Tractor vs Massive Water Cannon

Today, in some odd news, we catch up with a situation that went down at the beginning ...

Today, in some odd news, we catch up with a situation that went down at the beginning of the year of 2015. While it’s a throwback, we definitely feel the situation is something that ends up being incredibly interesting to pick apart as farmers used their farm equipment to riot against the police. Even with all of the protests that seem to be going on around the world today, this isn’t really a scene that you would so much expect to see unfolding in front of your eyes in real life. It’s almost crazy enough that it could be some sort of movie but lo and behold, it isn’t!

Apparently, the dairy and pig farmers were protesting because they were just a little bit upset about the low prices that their products would bring when they went to sell them to big companies and, correct or not, it looks, to us, that they believe that the government can fix this issue because of the fact that they’re using tractors to riot, attempting to run over police barricades with the machines as you can see in this video. They almost came out on the other side victorious, as well, if it weren’t for one small little detail that would push them back quite literally.

Check out the scene below and tell us what you think of this situation that went down in Brussels, Belgium as the water cannons faced off with the tractors in a really obscure showdown. It all seems incredibly odd from the perspective of an American but if you put yourself in their shoes and realize that different perspectives from around the world are all shaped by the communities from which they come, something like this might seem quite normal to the right set of eyes. Hopefully, at the end of the day, everybody involved was able to come down to one resolution that would have all on the same page once again.

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