Angry Old Man Won’t Get Off School Bus… So He Goes For a Ride On The Front Bumper!

In this day and age, you see lots of crazy things happening out there in the world. ...

In this day and age, you see lots of crazy things happening out there in the world. You can’t really go around keeping yourself sheltered but on the other hand, should something unfold, it’s important to be ready and know how to handle yourself in certain situations. This time, we check in with a situation as a Baltimore County school bus was proceeding with children on board, when all of a sudden, a 68-year-old man decided that he wanted to confront someone on the bus. What happened next is really a scary rush to watch as he took things to the next level.

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Apparently, the prompt behind this man’s actions was a bottle thrown by somebody on board the bus that had struck the man’s vehicle. Apparently, from there, the man approached the bus and attempted to get the driver to open the door. As the driver feared for the safety of the students on board, he would do nothing of the sort and when the man trying to confront the driver saw that he wasn’t going to get his way, he stood in front of the bus. This was when the bus driver began to proceed slowly and also when the distraught man climbed on the bumper and held onto a mirror, clinging to the front of the bus as it continued down the road as you see in the video here.

Eventually, after the police were called, the man would be arrested without incident and would eventually be charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property after allegedly doing damage to the school bus. Police advise anyone who has been tied up in such a situation to gather as much descriptive information as they possibly can and dial the police immediately. I’m not sure that stopping a bus and confronting a minor is really how you’re going to want to get your point across.

Wth is going on here?

Posted by Horsepower Memes on Sunday, October 8, 2017

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