Aquatic Floating RV is the Most Obscure Motor Home You’ll See

When you’ve been around the water for your whole life and have gotten to know ...

When you’ve been around the water for your whole life and have gotten to know all sorts of different kinds of boats, eventually, you might think that you’ve seen it all. Maybe, every once in a while, someone who sunk a good chunk of money into their boating habit comes along with something that you don’t see all that often, however, I would think that on the water, it’s pretty rare that you see a vessel that’s this unique. If you’re lucky enough to see this thing once, you should get a good hard look and maybe even take a picture because you probably won’t ever see another one like it.

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This time, we check out and none other than an aquatic floating RV. This motorhome has been carefully designed so that the people behind it can take it from driving around on the highways like normal to floating through whatever body of water they should so please as long as it’s deep enough.

The vehicle seems to be a custom built rig that does the perfect job of combining boat with coach for the Giljam family and is one that won’t only demand attention everywhere that it goes but also seems to be quite functional if you’re looking to travel the country through land and sea.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to get an up close and personal look at what exactly it is that makes this motorhome make its way out into the water and provide tons of fun for whatever family should happen to be onboard. I’m not exactly sure that this would be a creation for everybody but being able to take a look at it is definitely going to pique your interest and have you wondering what is coming around the next corner with this thing.

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