Behind The Scenes With Team FnA – SEMA – Day ZERO!

Nobody does SEMA – or anything else, for that matter – like Farmtruck and AZN. These ...

Nobody does SEMA – or anything else, for that matter – like Farmtruck and AZN. These guys know how to have a good time everywhere they go, and the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is no exception. With their insanely talented photographer Lou Renova in tow, Team FnA headed west from the 405 to dive into SEMA and all it has to offer, including the experiences away from the show itself.

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Their vlog begins with checking into the hotel, always an interesting undertaking when you have a prankster like AZN around. Lou walks into AZN’s seemingly empty room, only to have AZN jump out of the curtains in full-on horror-movie killer style. After the jump scare, it’s down to the lobby for coffee and practicing their Boston accent’s, but not before AZN builds himself a pillow fort in the hotel room and he and Lou test out the hotel’s automated “Charge you for our expensive stuff” system.

After having coffee downstairs, the group heads to the convention center to get the Dung Beetle and Farmbird rolled into their spots inside the HeatShield Products Booth at the show and begin preparing for the days-long marathon that is SEMA. They wind their way through the expansive compound to the booth and being coordinating a plan to get the cars through the maze and into their respective spots, then begin the task of actually getting the cars rolled into place, which is no easy task with the hundreds of booths packed into the show.

After the rides are parked for the week, the group heads out to grab dinner and beers before turning in for the night, concluding an easy Day Zero of their SEMA experience. We’ll have the rest of the vlog for you as Lou gets it all edited and posted, so check back for more from Team FNA at SEMA 2017!

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