Bikers Witness Head-On Collision, Chase Down Suspect Who Runs Away!

Even when you’re being an exemplary version of the perfect driver, it’s ...

Even when you’re being an exemplary version of the perfect driver, it’s crazy how fast things can happen on the roadways. One moment, you can have both of your hands on the wheel, paying close attention to what’s happening from all angles and, the next moment, someone can derail your entire day, taking what was once a nice calm commute and transferring it into something that’s nothing short of crazy with different drama coming at you from every angle and leaving you not knowing what exactly you’re going to do next.

For one of these drivers here, that was exactly the case. As a couple of motorcycle riders were taking a little bit of a cruise, their cameras would end up capturing something astonishing. In this situation, we watch is a Ford Mustang proceeds to make a U-turn before the driver, who the man behind the video claims was under the influence of something, would end up coasting across traffic and into the oncoming lane where he ends up going head to head with a Maserati and creating pretty much the most head-on collision that you can possibly get as the cars square up with one another and lock horns, causing some big-time carnage as a byproduct.

The video below is the result of that as the man behind the wheel of the Mustang took off from the scene of the accident, leaving behind a traumatic situation with people who desperately needed medical attention. As it would all unfold, it turns out that the bikers played a huge role in this situation as they went on to act as the good Samaritans as some of them stayed to help with the victims of the crash and the others took off and ended up apprehending the driver of the Mustang who appears to have been looking to flee the scene and never look back.

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