Boater Loses Power, Has Close Call With Rocks in Turbulent Inlet Struggle

Across the world, nautical inlets have been known to cause quite the commotion. These ...

Across the world, nautical inlets have been known to cause quite the commotion. These areas in between smaller bodies of water and the ocean generally tend to get a little bit rough sometimes. The conditions can not only get rocky but can also provide a current that is bound to get moving rather swiftly.

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When these conditions come together with an inexperienced boater, it can really end up creating a dangerous situation. Furthermore, a stroke of bad luck could turn a bad day of boating into something deadly.

If appearances tell us anything here, we would venture to think that this boater was just having a little bit of bad luck. As the sizable fishing vessel was coming in through the Haulover Inlet, things got rather dramatic. Apparently, the boat lost power as it was trying to come back in. Perhaps something was jarred loose by the incredibly rough water.

Let’s just say that, in the middle of this raging water, losing power definitely isn’t an ideal situation. This is especially true when considering such a large and expensive vessel that is also full of people. The unpredictability of the situation could really put someone on edge.

The video below from ZipZapPower on YouTube gives us an idea of what happened that day. It was rather nerve-racking as the boat was left at the liberty of mother nature. We couldn’t help but clench our teeth as the vessel drifted back-and-forth, getting rather close to rocks on the seawall.

Fortunately, for this boat owner, SEA TOW would show up just in time to pull the boat to safety. If the vessel had been forced to stay there for much longer, who knows what could’ve happened? It looks like the crew was basically biding their time with their fingers crossed until rescue came about.

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