Dude Built a Cabin in the Back of a Diesel Truck – It Turned Out Kinda Awesome

If there is one thing that some recent trends have shown us, it’s perhaps that ...

If there is one thing that some recent trends have shown us, it’s perhaps that we collect too much stuff. In fact, at least here in America, many people have entire spaces in their homes that are dedicated to this “stuff.”

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Some say that it is only when they are forced to downsize that they realize how much of these extra possessions are simply junk that they never use.

There is definitely a spectrum here between being a minimalist and being a hoarder. This time, we check out one living situation that definitely goes toward the minimalist side of that spectrum. Here at Speed Society, one way of living that we are definitely fascinated with is mobile living. Being able to pick up your home and go certainly has a lot of upside and appeal.

Maybe, you want to go to see a natural wonder on the other side of the continent. All that you have to do is start driving. Perhaps, you have a race schedule that you want to attend. Imagine how easy it would be to head from race to race if you could take your home with you.

This time, we check in with an overlanding setup that would allow its user to do just that. Naturally, when adapting to this new lifestyle, things might be a little bit difficult to get just right.

In this one, we listen in as the Alaska overlander gives us the full tour of the Power Stroke powered home. Built on the bones of a Ford F-350, the truck allows its occupant to do everything from cooking to keeping clean and even entertaining. It even has some unique measures in place to make sure that the load is able to be pulled along and not get stuck!

You could even park it at the airport if you want to check out another part of the world! – Full Send Alaskan Overland

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