Car Sounds With His Mouth!? (Nissan GTR, Two Stroke Diesel, Renault 5 Maxi turbo, and More)

Over the years there have been a few videos like this one come and go. It seems like ...

Over the years there have been a few videos like this one come and go. It seems like every few months, any one of the group will surface and make the rounds on social media before fading again into relative obscurity until some random page stumbles across it and shares it again. While we all make “skrt skrt” and “budn buudnnn” noises with our mouths to sort of help illustrate a story about street racing or some other car-related story, there are those few guys who take the oral sound effects to a whole new level, almost perfectly replicating the sound of various cars using nothing but their mouth and a lot of time spent perfecting their technique.

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This guy, known as Sick McVick, has several videos of him doing some remarkable vehicle impressions, and his latest video is another great compilation of both sound effects and short skits that sort of tie the impressions into situations to bring the stories to life.

McVick starts off with a spot-on impression of the gravelly growl of a Nissan GTR, a car that many of us here in the states are just now getting to know despite it’s presence as a Supra-like bucket list car else where on the planet. Sick’s impression is nearly flawless and if you can find other videos online of a modded GTR in action, we think you’ll agree.

I don’t want to give away all of the video because it really is too good for you to skip it, but the other couple of impressions mentioned in the title – the two stroke diesel and the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo – are both hilariously accurate, two more great examples of this guy’s undeniable talent.

Go ahead and hit that play button and check out Sick’s latest offering and let us know what you think of his impressions in the comments!

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