Couple Ditched Their Jobs, Sold Everything, Built this Incredible DIY Motorhome to Travel the World

Deep down inside of us all, I think that it can be argued that we have this urge to ...

Deep down inside of us all, I think that it can be argued that we have this urge to just leave it all behind, in some capacity. There’s a certain appeal to just getting rid of all of the roots that have us tied down to whatever it is that we live with on a regular basis and simply go abroad, exploring the world as it comes to us.

While traveling the open road isn’t necessarily something that’s going to be practical for most folks to sink their teeth into, it’s something that really has had to catch the attention of just about anybody who has slipped into daydreaming at one point or another. It could be easy to get lost in this thought of “what if?” What if we decided to sell the house and everything else before heading out see where the road takes us? When Australian photographer, Rob Gray, really embraced this idea, he would construct such a machine that would allow himself and his wife to travel abroad without having to worry about missing the amenities of home.

At 45 years old, for Rob and his wife, dropping it all would be exactly what they decided to do. They would sell just about everything, they say, after building the mobile home that dreams are made of. Based on the Australian Army ACCO, the completely revamped machine has become known as the “Wothahellizat.” The beast that houses a low mileage Perkins 6354 turbo diesel motor is ready to take on whatever the open road has to offer with just about every feature that one could ever want or need to live comfortably.

While many of these rolling structures that are designed to give refuge on the road will sacrifice something and present a sort of makeshift living quarters, it appears as if this couple decided that they wanted to live in complete comfort when they finally managed to get the wheels rolling. Really, Rob’s creation is nothing short of a spectacle that needs to be seen. It leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of living well while in motion.

The gallery below shows just how versatile the Wothahellizat really is, offering up the basic amenities like a microwave but also gets fancy with a three-burner cooktop with large wok burner along with a full height pantry in the kitchen. Continuing along, we notice more features like a full bathroom and a place to sleep that appears to leave the couple not skipping a beat. The rolling hotel is even decked out with a full security system that allows the occupants to use cameras to see what’s outside, even when it’s all closed up!

While browsing through these pictures, it might be easy to find that the mind gets rolling in a direction where it might not be able to stop. Who knows? Maybe you will be the next one to want to leave it all behind it just head out to see what the road has to offer.

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