Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ponders What Dad Would Think if he was Still Here Today

In his post-racing career, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has turned into quite the entertainer. ...

In his post-racing career, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has turned into quite the entertainer. With his podcasts and other appearances, he has a substantial backlog of stories to tell. Not only did his own success in NASCAR translate to a bunch of interesting anecdotes. Stories about his dad also have fans wanting more. It seems like Dale Earnhardt Sr. was such a powerful figure that even all these years after his death, we still can’t get enough of the legend.

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In these strange times surrounded by COVID-19, it can make us all do a little bit of reflecting. As it turns out, for Junior and Michael Waltrip, that’s exactly the case. In this one, they take a walk down memory lane to remember a little bit about Dale Earnhardt. In addition, they talk about what the world would be like if he were still here. It’s pretty crazy to think about how different things might be.

After all, if Earnhardt were still alive, everything could look vastly different. Naturally, there are a plethora of life experiences that Junior would have liked his dad to have been a part of. Junior’s life wouldn’t be the only one that would change, though.

The entire trajectory of NASCAR could be on a whole new path. These days, as NASCAR struggles for ratings, they’re in major need of a spark. Who knows where the sport would’ve ended up with the help of one of the greatest to ever hop behind the wheel? Dale had a passion for racing and was arguably the one that helped NASCAR into the homes of millions. Many argue that the sport just hasn’t been the same since his death in 2001.

By following along with the video below, we get a little bit more insight into one of the greatest to ever do it. There’s something about Dale Earnhardt, beyond his driving, that made him a NASCAR legend. We can’t help but think that things would be much different for the sport if he were still around.

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