Drifting With A Horse And Buggy – One Horsepower!

Drifting With A Horse And Buggy – One Horsepower!* Click the image below and ...

Drifting With A Horse And Buggy – One Horsepower!

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We’re going to have to start this one off by giving a rather large shoutout to all that composes the internet because a decade or two ago, seeing something like this just simply wouldn’t be.

To follow that up, we bring you a situation that might just remind you of the times before you had your own set of wheels and would do whatever it took to replicate that feeling of driving.

When this guy was in the mood for donuts, he wouldn’t let the fact that he didn’t have a car stop him. Instead, he took what he had and made due.

Check out the video below as this gentleman rips a couple of impressive drifts with nothing more than a horse and buggy. We’re not going to lie, this really ranks up there with some of the best tire slayers!

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