Drunk Driver Doing Donuts Burns Up Tesla Supercharging Station

A Tesla supercharging station partially went up in flames but it’s not what ...

A Tesla supercharging station partially went up in flames but it’s not what you’re thinking. Sure, there have been questions about the tendencies of Tesla batteries to go up in flames. This fire, however, was caused by a vehicle with internal combustion. It’s an ironic plot twist that plays out to be the biggest cliche of the week.

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The station in  Seaside, Oregon was damaged by the likes of a man behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang. As the man did what officers referred to as “burning cookies,” the car would end up going up in flames. You might better know such a display referred to as burnouts or donuts. From what we understand, the engine would be set ablaze, triggering the bigger fire.

The 33-year-old driver, Ricky Criss, would be reported on a call about reckless driving. When officers arrived on the scene, it amounted to much ore than that. When they took him into custody, he would be charged with DUI and reckless driving. We have no word on if the owners of the property have elected to press charges or not.

The incident was said to have not only damaged the Mustang but the charging station as well. Electrek tells us that the car had destroyed at least one of the eight available charging stations. We obtained the photos in this article from the same source as released by the local fire department.

Below, the local news affiliate fills us in on some of the other details from that night along with a video captured by a passerby.

It looks like someone got just a little bit too excited about making a Tesla joke. We’re willing to bet that this driver wishes his engine held on just a little bit longer. Heck, the punchline here practically writes itself. Maybe next time, he’ll just snap a funny picture of the Mustang parked in front of the superchargers and drive away.

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