Dude Tries to Pull Move an Upside Down Truck With a Chain, Rips His Own Truck in Half!

Naturally, one of the biggest upsides to owning a truck is being able to do a little ...

Naturally, one of the biggest upsides to owning a truck is being able to do a little bit of work. At the end of the day, this is what trucks were designed for, after all. Right?

While these vehicles were designed with utility in mind to do everything from loading up the bed to pulling a trailer, there are still limits. It’s not like one could just take a pick up truck and strap it to anything, expecting it to be able to pull over a house or anything like that. However, as we have seen, this doesn’t stop people from trying. Some are just blissfully unaware that their vehicle has a limit. Others simply don’t really seem to care very much.

We aren’t exactly sure which case this one slides into. However, the result was rather catastrophic.

It appears as if the owner of the Chevrolet pickup truck pictured in this video was attempting to move an overturned vehicle. We don’t really get the backstory as to why he’s trying to do this or where he’s trying to pull the vehicle to. However, the chain on the bottom of it leads us to believe that he wants to move it or maybe turn it upright once again.

After getting everything nice and secure, our hero gets back into his truck before punching the accelerator. Apparently, he should have eased his way into this one because things didn’t exactly go right.

As the pickup truck begins to move away from the rolled over vehicle, the chain eventually snaps tight. It’s at this point that the pickup truck owner realized that he might’ve messed up. Before we know it, the entire frame from the old pick up ends up bending in half before breaking off on one side entirely. Even though we couldn’t quite tell what the goal was here, we’re going to guess that this wasn’t it.


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