Explaining the Economics Behind Why Everyone Needs a Cheap Beater Car

If there’s one thing that we could say about Rob Ferretti, it seems like he has ...

If there’s one thing that we could say about Rob Ferretti, it seems like he has become the most responsible automotive YouTuber on the platform. Obviously, the opinion on this community is going to vary by user. However, it seems like a lot of YouTubers have been doing the craziest things possible in order to get views.

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On the other end of the spectrum, we find a more conservative automotive YouTube creator in Ferretti. In fact, even the guy who owns an entire fleet of exotic cars has decided to not really spend any money on his daily driver. When it comes down to the nuts and bolts, he only dropped about $1000 on the car. Sure, he probably got a pretty good deal given what he’s got. However, we’re sure that Rob could’ve gone out and spent a lot more on picking up an expensive daily.

In this one, we get a take that truly applies to real life. In the real world, no matter what way we look, it seems like everybody is spending a lot of money. This could include expenditures like a lavish daily driver. It turns out that expensive tastes don’t always have matching bank accounts. In this one, Rob gives us a rundown on how he has gone about picking out his daily. We find that some of this advice is applicable to just about anybody shopping around for a new car.

After checking this one out, be sure to tell us what you think of Rob’s outlook on his regular ride. Do you think that it’s necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a daily driver when something for only a couple of grand could do the same thing? Perhaps some people have more of a taste for luxury than Rob but we have to say that we like the way he’s thinking here.

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