Ford F-250 V8 Powerstroke Blows Up

Ford F-250 V8 Powerstroke Blows Up* Click the image below and get entered today for ...

Ford F-250 V8 Powerstroke Blows Up

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Sometimes, a little bit of rubber burning can be the perfect therapy, but when it ends like this, it’s anything but a relaxing time behind the wheel.

When the owner of this Ford F-250 powered by a Powerstroke diesel got on it and shredded some rubber, the burnout would end involuntarily.

As he laid into the throttle, the engine would eventually bust its guts, leaking all over the ground and losing all power in an instant, calling for a rather large dose of disappointment.

Check out the video below that shows what it looks like for a burnout to go incredibly wrong. It would’ve been nice if the shredding stuck to tires instead of engine internals on this one!

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