Ford Shows Off New Mach 1 Coming in Spring of 2021

When a vehicle model comes out with a historic lineage behind it, the situation can ...

When a vehicle model comes out with a historic lineage behind it, the situation can be interesting to watch. In these situations, manufacturers are really put under the microscope. Let’s just say that fans are going to be pretty harsh if they think that one of their favorite models is handled improperly.

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This time, we check out just that phenomenon as Ford unleashes the latest Mach 1 Mustang. With the upcoming rendition of the fan-favorite, Ford is met with two main challenges. Not only are they going to have to live up to the Mach 1 name. They’re also met with the challenge of improving upon an already great product that still has some life left in it with the 5.0L combination.

With all that in mind, Ford seems to be confidently moving into the Mach 1 release and the car has enthusiasts stirring. Boasting 480 hp and the option 6-speed manual found in the Shelby GT350 or a 10-speed auto, the platform not only tries to tie together several generations with a bit of upgrade. It also attempts to incorporate different aspects of other successful modern Mustangs.

One of the most notable storylines, perhaps, is the lack of a shaker hood scoop. This is a feature that the Mach 1 has become synonymous with. However, for the next upcoming model, it’s going to be ditching the scoop as the Mach 1 moves into the future. Touting itself as “The pinnacle of Mustang 5.0-liter style and performance” certainly puts the car on quite the pedestal. It seems as if the car is going to try and really maximize what a naturally aspirated setup like this is capable of.

The machine will share the front and rear subframe along with stiffer bushings with the GT350. In turn, it will borrow the rear axle cooling system, rear toe link, and rear diffuser from the GT500. Four 4.5-inch exhaust tips will give the car a different look from other 5.0L Mustangs of the generation.

The platform will be available in Iconic Silver, Shadow Black, Oxford White, Velocity Blue, Twister Orange, Race Red, and Grabber Yellow.

The car should start making its way to dealerships around the spring of 2021. It has an estimated start price of $50,000. Lastly, we have to note that the machine will be a part of a limited run. This should help build interest in the platform as well.

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