Ford Truck Owner Funny Road Rage Show

Sometimes, you just have to remove yourself from a situation and sit back, wondering ...

Sometimes, you just have to remove yourself from a situation and sit back, wondering what the heck is going on in somebody’s head. When 90% of people take a look at a video like this, I don’t think that they would be able to see themselves tied up in such a situation. However, it looks like we’ve come across somebody who actually did, obviously, as it was all captured on video Road rage is usually pointless and solves about nothing, but this time it turns out to give us quite the laugh as this woman is pretty darn obnoxious with her anger on the road.

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After the Ford F-350 that she’s riding in gets honked at, she completely loses her mind, getting out of the truck and banging on the BMW that they just cut off At the end of the ugly scenario, she even spits on the BMW, showing the ultimate sign of disrespect for somebody who didn’t really even do anything.

With road rage incidents like this happening every single day, it really leads you to wonder what exactly is going on in some peoples’ heads to make them think that something like this would be a solution to any problem. I thought that most of us dropped this kind of attitude once we became teenagers, let alone, clearly grown adults who don’t know how to handle themselves. Check out this case of road rage gone hilarious in the video below and tell us what you think of this scenario. Luckily for this guy, it was all caught on dashcam.

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