Girlfriend’s Dad Reaction To 800HP Toyota Supra!

Last week, YouTuber ThatDudeinBlue revealed that his new friend Essa had entrusted ...

Last week, YouTuber ThatDudeinBlue revealed that his new friend Essa had entrusted him with his Supra while Essa is traveling outside the country. After running into our host on the highway, Essa made the awesome decision to leave his beloved ride with Dude, giving him permission to use the car however he wants, even going as far as saying on camera that he won’t hold Dude responsible for anything that gets broken on the car while it’s in his possession.

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Of course, some people would take that as a free pass to abuse the car, but TDiB is such a Supra fan, as most of us are, and would never take the d-bag approach. However, that doesn’t mean he’s just going to baby the car either. One great use for an 800 HP hotrod Toyota is getting some reaction footage. Dude takes the opportunity for a little bonding with his girlfriend’s dad, strapping him into the Supra to see what he thinks about 800 ponies pressing him back against the seat.

Not surprisingly, the “victim” handles the ride pretty well, as most adult men would rather just our of the car at 140 MPH than let it be seen on camera that the acceleration scared them even the slightest bit.

And no, I’m not saying this guy’s reaction isn’t genuine, but 800 horsepower is no walk in the park with the hammer dropped, and most people are going to get a bit of a butt-pucker factor going on if they’re not used to riding in something with that level of horsepower. So he could very well be completely impervious to the brutal acceleration, or he’s downplaying it really well. Regardless, he does have a good time, and that’s really what these videos are all about.

When they get back to Dude’s house, they pop the hood to admire the all-mighty 2JZ engine that has made the Supra such a sought-after car even two decades after it was built.

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