Giving Jesse From Fast and Furious His First Nissan GT-R Ride – Too Soon Junior!

If you look back through the years at things that have led to extreme growth in the ...

If you look back through the years at things that have led to extreme growth in the automotive industry, there are a couple of things that are easy to identify as factors. Recently, Street Outlaws has brought a massive influx of fans to the drag racing arena and also built a whole new niche with No Prep style racing. Before that, there was a certain movie that led to a massive explosion in the import/sport compact markets that sustained its own industry and lifestyle for nearly two decades now.

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Fast and Furious hit at just the right time, as the sport compact world was just beginning to take off in pockets across the country. When the movie dropped and connected those groups as well as bringing in a massive crowd of newcomers, the whole scene just exploded.

One of the key characters in the first movie was Jesse, the ADD-addled tuner that got in over his head with Johnny Tran and lost the pink slip to his car, prompting him to panic and run. As we all know, Jesse ended up getting gunned down by Tran’s henchmen, thus ending his run with the franchise that has grown into a global phenomenon.

However, Jesse is still involved in the automotive world, and at this years Paul Walker Memorial event, he hooked up with YouTuber ThatDudeInBlue to take a couple of trips down the drag strip in a wicked NISMO GTR. Jesse, whose real name is Chad Lindberg, jumped at the change to take the trip down the strip in the GTR, live streaming part of the ride while ThatDudeInBlue wheeled the monster Nissan down the track. You can see the excitement on Chad’s face as the car mashes him into the seat under full acceleration while the world-class transmission does it’s magic to keep the car in the heart of the power band. This would definitely be a great experience, and we’re glad to have this footage to share with you.

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