Hellcat Charger Completely Destroyed in High Speed Chase

Warning: The video below contains vulgar language that some may find to be offensive. ...

Warning: The video below contains vulgar language that some may find to be offensive.

When you’re navigating through life, sometimes, you’ll find yourself to be involved in a situation that seems stranger than fiction, almost like someone wrote out the scene for an action movie and stuck you right in the middle of it. For the young man behind the camera here, that seems to be exactly what happened as he stumbled upon what is storied to be the end of a high-speed chase that didn’t exactly pan out like anyone had planned as it looks like the ordeal ended with quite a substantial wake of carnage in its path.

After catching the accident live, it looks like this bystander would pull out his camera to record the wreckage as a Dodge Charger Hellcat plowed directly into the side of an unsuspecting motorist and their Honda Civic. From there, it would appear as if the driver of the Honda was conscious and communicating with a concerned bystander but the driver in the Dodge which was wadded up into a ball that barely resembles its former self, found himself having the wherewithal to continue the chase on foot as we see a law enforcement officer sprinting away from the car.

Honestly, it’s a little bit much to take in all at once but the video below captures the entire ordeal, taking you to the scene of something that nobody would ever think that they’d be in the middle of until it all actually unfolds. You have to feel for the folks who were subjected to the reckless driving of the person behind the wheel who was running from the authorities, but hopefully, the injuries sustained weren’t too severe. We will be sure to update when more information is released.

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Posted by David Gambino on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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