Honda Tells Police to “Get a Warrant” When Asked to Track Stolen Accord

For those who have hung around the automotive sales industry, they will attest to the ...

For those who have hung around the automotive sales industry, they will attest to the fact that there is plenty to upsell. The dealer will also try and offer the buyer different insurances and service agreements. Of course, all of this will end up costing them every month. Sometimes, these things can be more worth it than others.

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One of the services available through Honda is known as Hondalink. The service comes with a variety of features. One of them is “Find my car” which will pinpoint a vehicle’s location.

In this particular case, we tune into a situation that unfolded in Vaughan, Ontario. It turns out that Honda’s “Find my car” service was denied in an emergency. In a report to Global News, the owner of the car, Layth Ablhd, said that he wasn’t made aware of the service when buying his Honda Accord. As fate would have it, he would eventually run into a situation where he very much needed it. The details that follow might just raise a couple of eyebrows.

When the car was stolen, the owner of the Honda turned straight to the police. From there, the police and Ablhd got in contact with Honda as the most obvious lead. However, upon contacting them to find the car’s location, they would be met with a brick wall. They were allegedly met with someone at a Honda call center telling them to “Get a warrant.”

The story does follow that they claimed to have details on the car’s location. However, they weren’t able to give them out without a Hondalink subscription, they insisted. Instead, they asked that the owner signed up for the service first. From there, Ablhd obliged and signed up. However, by the time that it was activated, the car was once again gone and unable to be tracked.

“This customer did not have an active HondaLink subscription, which is required to locate the vehicle,” Honda Canada told Global News. They continued “Without an active subscription, the police would have to present a warrant to activate the location services on the vehicle and no such warrant was provided. At no time was Honda or its HondaLink provider aware of the location of this vehicle.”

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