How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

There are few things cooler than using your own hands and knowledge to create ...

There are few things cooler than using your own hands and knowledge to create something you want instead of buying it. This applies to anything from custom cars to the house you live in, or in this guy’s case, both, at the same time.

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YouTuber Nate Murphy decided he wanted a fully-featured RV-type vehicle, but instead of shelling out big bucks for one that he had no control over the look and feel of, he decided to convert a van into one himself, and it turned out completely awesome! Nate started with a bare work van and over the course of a few weeks built the full interior, complete with sleeping quarters, a stove and sink combo that double as the bathroom, and storage galore.

The fan is powered by a roof-mounted solar panel and carries its own water supply as well, meaning┬áNate requires nothing from the outside to live for quite some time in his awesome “RVan”. Props to Murphy for his fit and finish on everything as well, using his ingenuity to create a quality build any RV manufacturer would be envious of.

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