How To Turn your Speedometer into a Light Saber for Free

If you take a look at the landscape of potential automotive modifications there are ...

If you take a look at the landscape of potential automotive modifications there are so many different combinations of possibilities that you can choose to take on from the entry-level modification all the way to more advanced variations of your machine. Some of the more common mods might include things like exhaust systems, aftermarket lighting, and even window tint but sometimes, people take things in another direction entirely, either going overboard with all kinds of extensive engine work or creating their own modifications from scratch.

This time, we take to the scene of a modification that is completely made from scratch but we promise you that it’s probably not what you’re thinking. No, we’re not looking at some extensive fabrication that’s something that you might see at the SEMA Show but instead, a little something-something that somebody made when they probably got bored and crafted up when they were just sitting around with nothing to do. However, if you’re a Star Wars fan, something like this might just get your nerd senses tingling and we mean that in the absolute best way possible. Heck, for free modifications, this is actually a pretty interesting concept to dive into.

Follow along with the video down below that shows off someone’s homemade DIY project that takes a picture of Darth Vader and applies it to the speedometer needle so that it looks like the needle is acting as his lightsaber. It might not be something that you would submit to be judged at a car show but, if this is your style, it might just be a neat little hack that could end up impressing your friends. After checking out this little DIY video, be sure to tell us what you think of this homemade light saber speedometer that has the force on its side.

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