How Top Fuel Dragster Tires Are Made

When it comes to creating certain things, there is a great deal of responsibility ...

When it comes to creating certain things, there is a great deal of responsibility associated with manufacturing. For example, if a dragster tire isn’t put together properly, the results could be fatal. We don’t need to spell out how a blowout at speeds that may surpass 200 mph isn’t going to go well for anyone. Therefore, there are all sorts of measures that tire manufacturers take in order to make sure that they can create the best product possible.

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This time, thanks to¬†How it’s Made, we dive inside of the process behind manufacturing a dragster tire. Not only do the people behind these meats have to worry about the tire getting down the track but there are all sorts of adverse conditions that happen along the way. On the course of a quarter or eighth mile pass, not much time is going to pass by. However, during that short span, these tires are going to be pushed to limits on a variety of different axes.

Those who drag race know that these tires are going to have to stand up to insane temperatures and high levels of friction. Being able to handle thousands of horsepower at the same time isn’t exactly an easy job when we consider these two factors. Follow that up with the impact that they are going to endure as a dragster rockets to the 60-foot mark in under a second and that force is exponential.

By following along with the video below, we get to see exactly what it is that helps these pieces of rubber stick together. As it turns out, the process isn’t as simple as one might think. It’s pretty crazy how somebody was able to come up with just the right features of engineering in order to make these tires the ultimate when it comes to withstanding all sorts of different forces.

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