“Hulk Camino” The Most Ridiculous Rat Rod EVER!

“Hulk Camino” The Most Ridiculous Rat Rod EVER! Across the landscape of ...

“Hulk Camino” The Most Ridiculous Rat Rod EVER! Across the landscape of automotive modification, creativity can really be key. For those looking to stand out from the crowd or build something themselves that tickles their very own fancy, getting a little bit creative is very important. When we take the conversation in the direction of the rat rod, though, creativity becomes all that much more important. With most other kinds of vehicles, the roadmap is at least somewhat available. However, with a rat rod, there’s no roadmap at all. Instead, the person behind it really has to create their own vision from scratch.

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Because of the nature of the category, we see all kinds of different types of off-the-wall ideas really come to life in these kinds of cars. This time, it’s a Chevrolet El Camino that got the rat rod treatment but it probably isn’t in a way like we’ve seen too many times before. Most of the time, rat rod builds are very focused on their looks and while this one definitely does have some quite unique aspects to its visual appearance, that isn’t where it stops as the car really finds a way to deliver in more ways than one.

"Hulk Camino" The Most Ridiculous Rat Rod You'll Ever see

Built by: ITW Hot Rods

Under where the hood originally sat but is now nowhere to be seen, this thing is packing a serious punch. If that wasn’t already apparent by the massive supercharger sticking out of the hood, now you know. The machine that makes quite the demonic whistling noise as it screams to 800 hp thanks to a Dart block, 671 BDS blower, Dana 60, and Holly 750 4bbl carbs. Driving the Frankenstein-like creation around looks like nothing short of joy as a simple cruise can turn into a rolling burnout session at just about any time! Head turners beware. A car like this is probably the king of the head turners!

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