Instant Karma Finds Impatient Driver | No Passing

Instant Karma Finds Impatient Driver | No PassingDouble entries are live! Take home ...

Instant Karma Finds Impatient Driver | No Passing

Double entries are live! Take home this 750hp ddr concepts built mustang, Ford raptor
or $50,000 in cash... It's your choice, get entered today!

Traffic jams are a pain in the rear end, we completely get it as we have most definitely been in traffic situations where we have wanted to pull our hair out before.

In situations like this, however, it’s very important that you keep your cool, otherwise, you might just do something that you will later and up regretting big time!

This time, when stuck in a traffic jam, this driver gets a little bit overzealous and ends up trying to go around a dump truck in a tight spot that he probably should have avoided.

What’s waiting around the corner for him? Well, that just says that it isn’t good. We won’t spoil the surprise for you, but go ahead and check out the dashcam video below and tell us what you think about this instant karma.


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