Jesse From The Fast and the Furious Gets a First Look at his VW Jetta Replica!

If you ask just about any car guy in the community if they have ever seen The Fast ...

If you ask just about any car guy in the community if they have ever seen The Fast and Furious, they would probably laugh at you! It seems like just about anyone who is interested in vehicles will respond with a resounding “Yes!,” no matter how far the flick to stretch reality. Back in its day, in 2001, the original installment in the now overgrown series was an inside look at the subculture that had never really been tackled on screen before. The movie with a modest budget blew up past what anybody could have ever expected. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure critics wrote this one off before it even made it to movie theaters! However, you can tell that they were definitely wrong in the long run when it came to their analysis.

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In fact, many who have since become interested in the car scene because of the movie will most certainly admit to having a love affair with the actors and actresses along with their one-liners that have been repeated over and over again at car meets across the country, however, one of the major aspects of this film series that has really made it what it would become are the cars that race around on screen. The first movie just featured so many flamboyant machines that you couldn’t help but pick out one that you loved and latch onto it, no matter how much you would make fun of your former self today for being into the body kids and big ricer wings that went along with most of the machines.

This time, we check out a video that heads to Canada with YouTuber, Thatdudeinblue, to check out the moment that Chad Lindberg (Aka Jesse) from the original Fast and Furious movie gets to lay eyes on a replica of the Volkswagen that he drove in the film. Kids today will probably never realize how cool of a moment that this is to witness but for those of us who were of age when the film originally came out you can really appreciate what it means to be a part of something like this. See it all down in the video below as Chad takes a walk down memory lane from a film that busted its way into legendary status sixteen years ago!

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