John Deere Gator Turned Into 100 hp 5-Wheel Monster Machine

When machines are imagined by designers, they have a certain plan in mind. Obviously, ...

When machines are imagined by designers, they have a certain plan in mind. Obviously, with something like a John Deere Gator, the idea is to create a functional cart to haul around supplies and maybe debris. At the end of the day, it’s a work vehicle and it’s not really designed to go that fast. Instead, maybe it was designed with a more functional role in mind. We think that it carries out that role well.

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Originally, from the factory, this particular machine had 9 hp. That might not sound like much and, well, that’s because it’s not. However, this also goes back to the idea that it was meant to do some light-duty work around a job site. When the guys behind the 3DMachines YouTube channel got hold of one, though, all bets were off. It turns out that the idea was to make it go just a little bit faster than it had from the factory.

The first attempt to do this was with an engine that had doubled the original horsepower. This would bring the total to 18 hp. Shortly after, this engine ended up biting the dust. This was when they decided to really kick it into high gear and go with something crazy. Instead of any of this low power fidgeting around, the guys went all out. The new combination would yield 100 horsepower on tap to make the creation fly.

In the scheme of things, 100 ponies might still not seem like much. If we were to consider that amount in a passenger car, it really wouldn’t be. However, when we apply it to what is basically a golf cart with a couple of more axles, things get intense. Check out the crazy swap by following along in the video below! This thing is enough to really get the adrenaline going.

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