Drivers Watch Their Kids Perform The National Anthem Moments Before Racing At Bristol

For all the times we’ve seen celebrities of varying talent levels sing (or butcher, ...

For all the times we’ve seen celebrities of varying talent levels sing (or butcher, in some unfortunate cases) the National Anthem, this honestly has to be one of the best renditions of I’ve ever personally heard, and I think you’ll understand why if you just give it a listen.

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As some 160,000 fans crammed into the diminutive – comparatively speaking – Bristol Motor Speedway last weekend, NASCAR decided to forego the aforementioned celebrity singing, opting instead to have a group of kids – more on that in a moment – gather in the infield to belt out the anthem as only kids can, and they absolutely nailed it.

These kids, each of whom belong to one of the circuit’s professional drivers, are hardly professional singers, but there is an undeniably beauty and innocence that emanates from the harmonizing of a group of children that few sounds on earth can equal. While their dads watched proudly, the kids ushered in the beginning of the race with their tiny voices working together as a group to become something greater than the sum of its parts. Any of these kids’ individual voices would have been lost in the drone of the capacity crowd, but together they became more than powerful enough to drown out the crowd and bring a hush to the facility until they neared the ending.

As one would expect as the last few lines were sung, the crowd began to roar in both appreciation and anticipation and as the song ended the spectators sent the kids away with a massive round of applause that will likely always stick out as a “goosbump” moment, at least for the dads and those kids old enough to understand the significance of having over 150,000 people cheer for you.

Seven time series champion Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski watched from just in front of the camera as their kids joined the group of singers as they brought the crowd to their feet with the most beautiful anthem in the world.


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