Not Enough Ocean – 10 Shocking Ship to Ship Collisions

You would think that, for tankers and massive ships cruising around out the ocean, ...

You would think that, for tankers and massive ships cruising around out the ocean, that there would be plenty of water space to go around for everyone but it just so happens that, if you take this video is any kind of evidence, there’s a lot less room available than you might think.

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In this video, we’re given ten separate scenarios in which massive boats simply couldn’t find a way to avoid colliding with each other as they must’ve gotten off of course just a little bit or played a game of chicken until it was simply too late and in which they both lost out.

Some of these situations really make you scratch your head and others may make you cringe a little bit inside. I would imagine that being in the middle of nowhere getting into an accident like this would have to completely turn your stomach upside down and make your life flash before your eyes just a little bit.

Follow along with this collection of videos captured that shows us a group of ships that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I couldn’t imagine being in control of something that big and having to report the massive amount of damage that was surely done by these high-impact collisions.

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