Oddly Satisfying: Hydraulic Press Brings New Meaning to “Splitting” a Deck of Cards

Not too long ago, a phenomenon really took over the internet where a hydraulic press ...

Not too long ago, a phenomenon really took over the internet where a hydraulic press would be put up against anything and everything that the owners of the press could get their hands on in order to see just how far this instrument used for maximum pressure could be taken as it went up against various objects that would stand up to the test to see just how much they can take. It was quite a suspenseful ride that really makes you look at things a little bit differently. Some might even say that they have found themselves walking around, wondering how different objects in their daily life might stand up to the hydraulic press.

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This time, we check out a clever play on words as a  deck of cards is introduced to the equation. As you know, splitting a deck of cards is a term that’s used commonly to refer to somebody pulling off one section of cards and replacing it with the other half, essentially shuffling the cards up. However, when it comes to hydraulic press world, you can see where splitting the cards could take on an all-new meaning as the cards are quite literally stacked up and split in half. When it all goes down, the hydraulic press actually looks to handle it quite easily and it’s an entertaining display, to say the least.

If you follow with the video below, you’ll watch as the decks of cards are stacked 10 high, really putting this machine to the test.

This one provides quite a visual for your pleasure and some neat sounds for the ears to behold so be sure to catch the oddly satisfying demonstration down below and tell us what you think the hydraulic press here and what you think the machine should take on next.

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