OG Murder Nova Returns to the Streets With Lutz in “The ’57” + Shawn Explains Changes to the Car

On the heels of a new combo, the OG Murder Nova is quickly working its way back into ...

On the heels of a new combo, the OG Murder Nova is quickly working its way back into the racing scene. Recently, over on the 187 Customs YouTube channel, we have been watching as the car has been testing, gathering data, and even doing a little bit of competing.

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It’s pretty amazing to watch how quickly the guys managed to iron out the new 540 cubic inch combination. At this point, I guess that they have become pretty familiar with the architecture as the car is knocking home personal bests. It hasn’t been with this setup too long but is already looking like it has years of hard work behind it.

This time, we join in with a little bit of an update on the progress. In this one, we’re taken behind-the-scenes in showing what exactly a check-up looks like on the car.

For starters, Shawn goes over a couple of key components to make sure that everything is as it should be. From there, he makes sure to tweak different aspects just a little bit as to counteract some of the things that he thinks aren’t quite perfect on the car just yet. It’s actually pretty neat that we get some insight into how exactly he goes about tuning the car. In many situations, racers would consider this to be privileged information. Instead, Shawn is an open book as we get to hear about everything from weight distribution to traction. He even goes through the trouble of drawing out a diagram to help explain.

When all is said and done, the tuning tutoring session culminates with a little bit of testing. As always, it’s a pleasure to watch the OG Murder Nova throw down in the streets. We absolutely love that this car is out there rocking once again. Alongside him, we find another familiar face that’s always fun to watch as Jeff Lutz is right next to him in The ’57!

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