Disgruntled Tesla Employee Sabotaged Company to Bring Down Tesla and Elon Musk

At some point in just about everybody’s life, we all have that job that we ...

At some point in just about everybody’s life, we all have that job that we don’t really get along with too well. In fact, many people would probably go so far as saying that they hate their job or have hated at least one of their jobs. However, I don’t think that there are all that many people who would ever take that hatred of their place of work, their boss, or their coworkers, far enough to the point where they’d start sabotaging the company that they have been employed by. It just doesn’t seem right to accept money from someone, all while doing what you can to do them wrong to make sure that they don’t see a return on your employment or force them into a loss purposely.

It just so happened that such a situation has been unfolding behind the doors of Tesla, apparently, as an unnamed employee was disgruntled enough, for one reason or another, to take it upon himself or herself to make sure that Tesla would feel the wrath.

How exactly did they do it? Well, the full details haven’t exactly been released yet but, what we do have, is that the employee would take part in what was quoted as being “extensive and damaging sabotage” which would include hacking into computers that back the manufacturing operating system which could lead to a variety of different damage to the factory processes. Furthermore, it had also been released that this employee had gained access to confidential information which would be sent to third parties. The specifics on what information and who the “third parties” are has yet to be released. Tesla is still looking into if this employee was working with competitors or not during this time.

It’s pretty crazy to hear a story like this surface in the news but because it did eventually make its way out, the result would be a slight dip in the Tesla stock price, knocking 6% off in the market, a slight deviation from the stock that has otherwise been trending upward and has since continued to do so. As an investigation still appears to be ongoing, only time will tell how this one is going to unfold for the parties involved and how deep they would actually cut.

Elon Musk Admits an Employee Tried to Sabotage Tesla — And It Hurt Stock Prices

A Tesla employee tried to sabotage the company — and sent the stock price tumbling

Posted by NowThis Money on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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