Porsche Tire Explodes at 180 MPH While Rounding Daytona, Epic Save Ensues

During the course of a race, there is a complicated series of thoughts running ...

During the course of a race, there is a complicated series of thoughts running through a driver’s mind at any given time. This is because the driver has to not only focus on what’s right in front of them but also be prepared for anything that could happen. While moving along at such an incredible rate of speed, just about anything could come about.┬áThe way that a driver handles such a situation could be the difference between life or death. Even in a less serious situation, we’re talking about race cars that cost a lot of money that are at stake here.

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This time, we check in with a high-speed situation that reaches 180 mph. From the 2015 PCA race, we’re able to ride along with a Porsche 997 RSR driven by Autometrics Motorsports driver, Cory Friedman. As Friedman rounds the track, before he knows it, his car is failing him in a way that he probably had never expected. In what seems to be just a matter of a second or two, the Porsche only has three properly functioning tires beneath it as the right rear tire decides to let loose. It’s certainly a situation where Cory is going to have to not overreact which can be difficult given the circumstances.

By following along with the video below, we certainly get a rush of adrenaline as the car slides out from underneath its driver. By keeping his composure, Friedman is actually able to do quite a good job of keeping this thing between the walls. It almost comes to a point where the cars speeding by end up making contact with the camera car. However, when all is said and done, it appears as if no harm was done to the Porsche.T hat’s really saying something as this one could’ve certainly ended with ultimate disaster.

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