Pure Turbo Sound: This C5 Corvette is a Savage!

There are few combinations that sound more wicked than a boosted LS setup, and this ...

There are few combinations that sound more wicked than a boosted LS setup, and this gorgeous blue C5 Corvette looks every bit as nasty as it sounds. The C5 was the first generation to feature GM’s now-legendary LS engine platform, and in the nearly two decades since its introduction, the series of engines has grown to represent one of, if not the, largest contingent of engine swaps in the industry.

Competing at Street Car Takeover’s Atlanta event, we get to see a couple of runs by the ‘Vette, however, they do have the clocks off at the historic north Georgia facility. Our very own Jesse Kleiber from the BigKleib34 YouTube channel was on hand to capture all the action, so we have some excellent footage of the car on the strip.

The Corvette is racing out of the LSXperts camp and while we don’t have any info about the actual combination, you can tell pretty quickly how potent the setup us just listening to the idle. If that doesn’t give it away, the burnout definitely will, with the driver rolling into the throttle and sending the rear tires into a cloud of smoke instantly without even bothering to hold the front brakes. With some freshly-laid rubber in place, the car eases to the stating line and begins bumping carefully into the staging beams. As soon as he’s in, the amber lights drop, followed immediately by the green and the drop of the hammer.

The ‘Vette actually leaves pretty soft, likely intentionally setup that way to avoid spinning the tires. However, once the car is rolling the boost cranks up and the car blasts to a massive win over the Honda in the other lane. The next matchup likely would have been pretty close, but the Mustang in the opposite lane pulls a wheelstand and has to lift, watching helplessly as the Vette drove away into the night.

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