RC Car Madness – Tricks, Stunts, Jumps And Full On Insanity

RC Car Madness – Tricks, Stunts, Jumps And INSANITY from Dude Perfect!* Click ...

RC Car Madness – Tricks, Stunts, Jumps And INSANITY from Dude Perfect!

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If you haven’t heard of “Dude Perfect,” they’re a team of guys who are highly skilled in some of the most random sports related categories that you’ll ever see.

Their real success came when they figured out how to take these skills and transform them into something that people will want to watch with a wild selection of insane stunts and shots.

This time, the guys take on a challenge by incorporating the world of remote control into their stunts and the result is nothing short of fantastic.

Check out the video below as Dude Perfect goes above and beyond, taking remote control driving to all new heights that will make your jaw drop to the floor.

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