Remember Spyro the Dragon? He’s a Real Life Flamethrower DRONE Now!

These days, it’s pretty amazing what some folks are able to accomplish if they ...

These days, it’s pretty amazing what some folks are able to accomplish if they put their minds to it. With the way that that technology is evolving, we’re able to see some of the wildest parts of imagination come together. Combine that with some sweet nostalgia and we have ourselves a great time, boys and girls.

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This time, the element of nostalgia that we’re chasing down is none other than Spyro the Dragon. Personally, I remember spending far too many hours staring at a screen and going on adventures as a purple dragon. I even managed to pick up some of the sequels that came out before video games were all about a cash grab. I digress.

Anyway, as a part of a release for a modern version in the Spyro franchise, FliteTest was tasked with making some marketing materials. No, this isn’t a design for a billboard or an ad on Facebook. We’re talking a full-fledged, all-out effort. This is the type of stuff that has our inner 12-year-old absolutely screaming.

Instead of the run of the mill, this time, we check out a flying version of the purple dragon that is bound to turn heads. In this insane build, the character is brought to life as a drone. This isn’t just any drone, though. That would be far too simple. Instead, we check out the action as the mechanism is actually able to spitfire. If that’s not a cool drone, then we’re not quite sure what is.

By following along in the video below, we check out what might just be the most insane piece of marketing for a video game yet. In addition to being able to see the end product, this video also teaches us how it all works. Of course, there were a couple of obstacles to overcome. These guys did it with flying colors, though!

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